Biotech and Medicine

With a multi-disciplinary approach, we validate our research with advanced and creative technologies

EWRI conducts advanced, interdisciplinary research for unmet needs in healthcare and uncovering new research on performance and the brain. We tackle drug discovery and development, clinical medicine, genetics, neuroscience, radiology and health sciences.
We collaborate with commercial, government and academic partners to help improve the quality of lives worldwide.

Areas of Focus

Our cutting-edge R&D is concentrated in four main areas to target unmet needs in healthcare and solve important problems in prevention and treatment.

Drug Discovery and Development

EWRI integrates R&D resources necessary to take botanicals and mineral from initial discovery to efficacious, standardized extracts, drugs and medicines. Our pipeline has led to several marketed drugs.

Health Sciences

EWRI conducts research with academic collaborators to advance programs in cognition, depression, pain and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Artificial Intelligence & Bioinformatics

Our scientists collaborate with Universities to bring an interdisciplinary approach in developing tools, software and databases to manage and analyze the constantly growing quantities of biological data and knowledge. These tools can be applied to applications ranging from accelerating drug discovery to developing new ways to cognitive improvement.

What's happening at East West Research Institute

Neuro-Scientific Breakthrough Research: Non-Invasive Brain Modulation

Cognitive performance depends on the activity of specific areas of the brain. Language, number processing and self-awareness can be located by fMRI (radiology) technologies. In groundbreaking research, EWRI is utilizing the acoustic spectrum to enhance intelligence.

Next-Generation Nutraceuticals

Nature is the ultimate evolutionary algorithm. By decoding an ancient tradition, we are making new discoveries in the therapeutic potential of plant-derived medicine and neuro-acoustics. We believe the power of these modalities will lead to the next, blockbuster (non-invasive) drug.

Neuro Acoustics for Neurological Conditions

We are building a platform of sound frequencies as precision medicine. EWRI is studying the use of non-pharmacological modalities that effectively impact the brain and body via the same pathways as prescription drugs – without adverse side-effects.

Novel Botanical Drug Discovery and Development

Novel treatments for psoriasis depend on the ability to modulate aberrant cellular pathways and immune modulation. EWRI is using cellular pathways to modulate psoriatic cells. Clinical trials of our botanical formula are licensed to a top 10 pharmaceutical company in India.

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